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The 60 Second Apple Roundup

So I missed Jobs’ entire speech/event because I was at class receiving my education. Here’s what happened: Steve Jobs comes out, cracks jokes, spits out stats Jobs jokes about his death, iTunes, songs, etc. HD on iTunes, $1.99, $2.99 – NBC back on iTunes Speaking of iTunes, iTunes 8 announced. Talks about Genius. Available today iPod talk – 90% of ...

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Space Invading Keyboard Is Pseudo Retro

Many kinds of products are spawned from the inspiration that Space Invaders brings but this specific product is more special than the rest. Yes, even that quilt doesn’t impress as much. Maybe I’m merely being biased because I just spilled beer all over my keyboard and I’m desperately looking for a replacement. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one! The keyboard ...

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Zombie Arcades For The Rich Gamer In Us All

With all the DIY arcades out there like the Powerbook arcade or the Metroid themed MAME cabinet, you’d be crazy not to take a crack at building your own. Now if you just so happen to be rich, you won’t mind living by the motto, “can’t someone else do it?” Yes, someone else can do it and that someone is ...

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It’s My New God

Now, here’s something worth kneeling down to: The Portland, Oregon based arcade known as Ground Kontrol crafted this impressive stained-glass window inspired by the classic arcade game Dig-Dug. Now you’re wondering what makes it cooler than your own MAME arcade cabinet? Simple: it offers gaming salvation for those who are damned to spend eternity in the fiery pits of torment ...

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10 Video Game Sequels That Surpass Their Predecessor

Hey, not all sequels suck! Forget about Speed 2: Cruise Control, that movie was garbage. We’ve grouped together a few sequels of well known video game titles that prove that the game industry isn’t disintegrating year after year. Hit the jump to catch the nostalgia:

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