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Model Reventon Lambo Made From Nothing But Cigarette Boxes

In a project that shows an intense love for Lamborghini’s, model making, and more importantly, smoking while making Lamborghini models, a clever model maker has made a Reventon Lambo replica using empty packs of cigarettes. The eye for detail is pretty extraordinary. The color seems to indicate they either painted it, or they are die hard fans of cowboy killers. ...

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Smokey Amp doesn’t give you cancer, but might lead to hearing loss

Musicians are a different breed from the rest of us. They drink, they drug, and almost all of them seem to smoke. Which makes this Smokey Amp so fitting for the traveling musician. Shaped conveniently like a pack of cigarettes, so you’ll never lose your “cool” factor, the Smokey Amp is a high performing amp (for its size), packed into ...

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