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Stained Glass Transformers

Finally, my plans to break ground on the First Church of Optimus Prime can commence! These stained glass Transformer pieces transform (no pun intended, honestly, that would be inexcusable) any room’s fixtures from boring to geektastic. AutobotWonko created these gorgeous stained glass pieces inspired by everyone’s favorite robots in disguise. Ok, since we’re on the topic of 80’s cartoons, what ...

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Three Hundred Year Old Church Has The Coolest Powerpoint Screen Ever

Amsterdam’s Koepelkerk (meaning roughly “domed church” in Dutch) is one of the main landmarks on the city’s skyline. Koepelkerk has been around since the 17th century and it’s been painted by the legendary Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, but today it’s far from your typical church. Since 1975, the Koepelkerk has been rented by the Renaissance Marriott and they’ve renovated ...

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Halo 3 in Church: What Would Master Chief Do?

It appears that Protestant churches around the country are using Halo 3 as a recruiting tool to draw in young congregants. This comes despite it’s violent subject matter and mature ESRB rating. Naturally, this development has many churchgoers in an uproar, but supporters argue that Halo is an effective tool in “reaching the elusive audience of boys and young men”–a ...

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