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…You Might Be a Redneck: Truck Covered in Christmas Lights

How do rednecks celebrate the holidays? Other than running down wild animals and throwing perfectly good furniture across their lawn, them good ole boys like to take about 3,000 Christmas lights and just wrap ’em around their prized pick-up. Insert electric generator and voila, instant holiday cheer.

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Christmas Light Hero: Freezing Your Ass Off In The Name of Gaming

Brought to you by the letter F (for fucking freezing), Christmas Light Hero brings the enjoyment of sitting snugly on a warm couch playing Guitar Hero to the next logical destination, the great outdoors. The entire house is rigged to produce a Guitar Hero-driven light show. Hitting those hammer-off notes is much harder when you’re shivering like an epileptic. Hit ...

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Holiday Spirit: The Lazy Way Out

Is your neighbor one of those dickish pricks who just can’t be outdone during the holiday season. They make the best cookies, they create the coolest nativity scene, they put on the best light show, they just refuse to come in second. This year, beat them at their own game (or at least come in a close second) and save ...

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Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Save on Utilities

Al Gore, Barack Obama and now, there’s you. Trying to save the planet isn’t always an easy job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Well, these Christmas lights actually are pretty easy. The solar panels do all of the work. All you have to do is hang the lights and enjoy. Not only do you get to save a butt load ...

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