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Pope Endorses Use of Blogging by Priests, Amen

Pope Benedict XVI is hip. He’s with it. He knows that blogging is becoming a religion, or perhaps a cult, all its own. In fact, he’s so digitally connected that he recently endorsed, no no, ENCOURAGED the use of blogging by the clergy for spreading the word of God. That should attract all of those damn Gen Y whipper-snappers. I’ve ...

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LEGO Jesus Was Assembled For Your Sins

Yo, JC, we’re cool, right? I mean, I know, I was born Jewish. And while I’m not a practicing Jew, per se, you won’t strike me down for spreading the word about this LEGO image of yourself, right? Just wanted to get that out of the way. As a geeky God fearing people, we believe the only way to truly ...

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