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No Girls Allowed: Table Turns Into A Secret Fort

Back in the day, building a fort was as easy as grabbing a few blankets or sheets and throwing them over the nearest table. POW! Instant imaginary fun. Nowadays, they take all the fun out of actually building the fort and integrate the walls right into the tables. The Daily Shelter table transforms from a dining-room surface into a fort-sized ...

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The Future of Childhood Photos Is Scary

Do you mind that your children and grandchildren might befriend perverted robots into their inner circles? Here is an example what their childhood memories might look like. Though I always imagined there would be less grandma-sweaters and more jet packs in the future. That’s pretty disappointing. Link [via]

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Futuristic Ferrari Resembles Your Favorite Childhood Toy

In the future, cars will move very, very fast. It’s a damn shame our puny little minds will never develop the reflexes and reaction time to operate them manually. So instead, we’ll just slap high tech computers to the engines that’ll automatically drive the car at intensely high speeds for us. This concept design by Iman Maghsoudi is said to ...

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