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Micro Processor Chess Set

Forget about bringing chess to the computer, it’s time to bring the computer to chess. Instructable user CrLz created this awesome Micro Processor Chess Set which is made using an assortment of computer parts. The board itself is made using the underside of a mother board, and 32 black microprocessor chips. The creator stresses that this is a work in ...

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Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

How do you take your Jack Daniel’s? I prefer mine with a twist of strategy and just a hint of geekery. Oh… and three ice cubes please. The Jack Daniel’s Chess Set encourages drunken chess tournaments, which can never end good. What experience I have playing chess under the influence ended with one broken chess set and a trip to ...

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Chainmail Chess Set

I’ve had chess sets destroyed, maliciously sacked by an epic battle rudely interrupting a game in mid-turn. I swore that it will NEVER happen again. I refuse to lose a game in progress just because I’m on a crusade for religious freedom. This Chainmail Chess Set is made of the same stuff I use to protect myself from sword wounds ...

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