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Steve Jobs Cheese Head is Actually Pretty Creepy

The second I saw this head I couldn’t help but be reminded of Hannibal Lector and his preference for dining on human flesh. This is almost too realistic to eat, unlike the orange-yellow Cheddar color of the Lincoln Cheese bust. Something tells me I’d get that weird, uncanny feeling when it came time to dig in to the Steve Jobs ...

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Oh Snap!: Cutting the Cheese from the Comfort of a Mouse Trap

Mouse traps are surely not the most pleasant surface to eat on. I could think of at least 1,000 places I’d rather eat (please don’t push me, I will list them all) than on the future death bed of a rodent. Oddly enough, this ingeniously designed “mouse trap” is actually a cheese cutter in disguise. It’s tempting, not because of ...

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Cheese Wheel Case Mod Attracts House Rodents

It would be cheesy to call this case-mod “cheesy” just because it resembles a cheese wheel in both color and shape, but the Holland-native creator “always wanted a PC that looked like a wheel of cheese, so he made one himself. He packed a hollow cheese display prop full of electronic goodness and even has included some fans on the ...

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Gearfuse Interviews: Evan Dorkin

Whether you’re into comics or an avid Adult Swim fan, you’re bound to run into Evan Dorkin’s work. Creator of the absurd, yet hilarious Milk and Cheese and Dork! series along with the television show Welcome to Eltingville, his artwork is both unique and twisted with humor, violence and tasteless jokes. Needless to say, we’re fans. We asked Evan to ...

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Hamburger Phone! OM NOM NOM!

We’re not sure why they call this a Hamburger Phone. Clearly the meat patty has cheese on it, which would make this a Cheeseburger Phone. Details aside, we would gobble this phone down faster than a Pitapocket. We’re a little disappointed that the Hamburger Phone isn’t wireless and we’re even more upset that it isn’t edible, but I guess you ...

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