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AT-TE Walker LEGO iPhone Dock

Inspired by the AT-TE Walkers from the Star Wars universe, this iPhone dock is composed of an assortment of LEGO bricks. Creator Chris Harrison’s obsession with his iPhone, Star Wars and caffeine led to the creation of one of the coolest iPhone docks we’ve seen yet (though any dock is going to be hard pressed to beat the Dinosaur Dock). ...

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Grassy Lawn Charging Station Provides Ample Room For Your Gadgets To Graze

Tired of coming home to find that your gadgets have not only set-up shop in your bed, but have also left spots or urine scattered across your house? The Grassy Lawn Charging Station not only provides a relaxing spot for your devices to chill, but plenty of room to evacuate their bowels and graze through thechlorophyl-packed highlands of grass blades. ...

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iPhone Application for Managing Your Electric Vehicle

Nissan is geared up to release a collection of EVs on August 2, but they also have a trick up their sleeve which other companies haven’t managed to pull quite yet. Nissan will also be releasing an iPhone application which will help drivers manage their electric vehicle. The app will let the driver know how much power the EV has ...

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