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Forget The Recession: Chanel Segway

Karl Lagerfeld wants you to know that even though he’s old and the head of Chanel, he can still crank out innovative, wallet-busting products that are completely unnecessary. Take this Chanel Segway, for instance. It comes with some ridiculously expensive Chanel bag, logos emblazoned all over the vehicle (including the rims) and has extra big tires for when you’re stuck ...

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Custom Louis Vuitton iPod Trunk

Fashion is an expensive business I tend to avoid. For me, some denim jeans and a t-shirt from Macy’s will suffice. For others, fashion designers like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel provide outrageously priced and strangely designed fashion wear. A price some people are willing to pay just to get attention. Louis Vuitton also makes custom one-of-a-kind cases for special ...

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