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Yummy Gummi Chandelier

I like gummi bears. I like ’em a lot. Good thing artist and designer YaYa Chou likes gummi bears, too. She makes a slew of gummi bear goodies like this chandelier by linking them together with monofilament wire. The end product is a kick ass light source that’s good enough to eat. Other gummi bear works of YaYa Chou include ...

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Bic ballpoint pen chandelier inks its name in design coolness

We can’t speak for all of you precious readers, but we know that we would much rather rock something this unique and beautiful in our homes then a typical crystal ceiling hanger. The enPieza  Volivik takes the Lo-Fi of writing supplies and the modernism of design and creates a piece that we have a hard time resisting. We’ll be the ...

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