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Chainsaw Key Cover Is Not Very Good At Cutting Down Trees

Sure, the Chainsaw Key Cover doesn't fare well as a tool for lumberjacks, nor does it benefit a psycho, chainsaw killer. Unless your victim quietly waits as you slowly grind through their toes. "Come on, man. I don't have all day. I have an appointment with Jason Vorhees at 11."

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Hello Kitty Chainsaw Will Lead to the First Hello Kitty Massacre

You say you’ve never heard of the terrifying Hello Kitty Massacre? Not yet you haven’t. But just wait. There’s still time. And something tells me this Hello Kitty Chainsaw won’t prolong the wait. Not that we haven’t seen some wacky Hello Kitty combos in the past? I mean, hello? Hello Kitty made with random Hello Kitty Crap? The Hello Kitty ...

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Pizza Cutter Chainsaw Slices Up a Pie, Helps Dispose of Bodies

Even though I’m all-man, I don’t mind being a puss every once in a while and cooking for my woman. Cooking usually equals ordering a pizza and saying I made it from scratch. The problem with this plan is that most cookery is made for ladies, as is the nature of things. So I need a pizza cutter that’s really ...

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DIY Gears of War Lancer

This is how you do it in the Marines. You take an AR-15 automatic rifle, slap on a chainsaw and boom, you have a replica of the Lancer from Gears of War. Sure, you can’t chop people up with it (legally), but what’s to stop you from going apeshit on a cactus out in the Nevada desert? My thoughts exactly. ...

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Tearin’ Shit Up

Gamers looking for the ultimate pre-order package should look no further than Gears of War 2. If you head on over to Amazon and pre-order soon, you’ll score a life-size replica of the Lancer weapon, complete with blood-stained blade and all. Pull the trigger and you’ll hear sounds and the gun will vibrate. Just like being 8-years-old all over again. ...

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