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Laugh of the Day: Cigarette Holder for nudists

With no pockets to hold their cool cigarette pack cell phone, nudists have to settle on less high tech gadgetry, and focus more on simple human ingenuity. Wow, we feel bad for them. Not only do they give up clothes, but they have to give up their pride by wearing something that looks like a garter belt? We suppose they ...

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DIY: Boost your WiFi signal using a cell phone hack

[ev type=”flashvideo”” width=”320″ height=”240″ data=”http://media1.break.com/dnet/media/2007/1/how_to_boost_wireless_signal.flv” clicktext=”Click here to watch!”][/ev] Here is an awesome hack which allows you to boost your WiFi signal using your cell phone. Basically, the premise is to trick your computer into reading off of radio frequencies as well as Internet frequencies, by wrapping an ethernet cable around your cell phone. Very cool and effective. — Andrew ...

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Bracelet Phone design concept

Why fill up precious pocket space with a cell phone when you can just wear one on your wrist? The Bracelet Cellphone concept design by Tao Ma allows for that simple luxury. When receiving a call or message, the bracelet vibrates lightly. You answer by pressing one of the strategically placed diamonds. The big downfall? No screen display or typical ...

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Therapeutic ringtones for the neurotic

muPass is not a company that’s new to the tech media. They have been covered for their interesting service of sending ringtones from your mobile to other devices such as alarm clocks, baby mobiles, and cookers. But now they have something up their sleeves that may pose a more productive use. In conjunction with the Japanese Ringing Tone Laboratory, which ...

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