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Is It a Candle or a Lamp? Make Up Your Fuckin’ Mind

Designer Adrien Rovero got confused when coming up with the Candlelight electric light. Half romantic candlelight dinner, half-end-table study lamp. You’ll either impress your date for the evening or confuse her. It’s a simple decision: light the candle or flick the switch? Or you could even light ’em both up simultaneously. After dropping $150 on this dual light source, you’ll ...

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Baby, I’m Going To Lay You Down In Front Of My USB Logo Candle

Us geeks have our own way of pulling romance out of out asses. When we’re geekly romantic, it’s either severely intentional, or so unintentional that the ladies look at our naivety as cuteness. Either way, we get some bootay. Am I right? The USB Logo Candle falls under the severely intentional category. If I know anything about geeks, I can ...

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