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How The Pepsi Logo Entered The 21st Century

I love Joel. I really do. He’s a good friend and when he’s drunk, I try to steal Boing Boing’s bank account number. But alas, our good friend Joel has uncovered a 6MB PDF file that supposedly was used to convince the Pepsi execs to change the logo. Surely you’ve seen those new Pepsi cans, right? Regardless, it seems the ...

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Father And Son Arduino Flashlight Leash

What better way for a father and son to spend the Thanksgiving weekend together than to build a robot out of a tin can and an Arduino. As far as robots go, this little autonomous aluminum can seeks out light and moves in the direction of it. The creator cleverly refers to this as a “flashlight leash.” With an Arduino, ...

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Flexibin – Trash Done Right

Getting excited about garbage can be hard. Take Li Jianye’s Flexibin, an extremely simple trash can design that is made up of a single bent wire. Your trash bag easily stays in the center and the way it ends up looking really depends on you. Using a shitty bag from the deli? Your Flexibin is going to reflect that. Great ...

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Soda Seal – Preserving Your Flat Mountain Dew

After taking a good look at Johan De Broyer’s Soda Seal, I have to say I’m impressed. Time after time, soda cans are usually littered about the house, sometimes half-full. Rather than let them sit around and become flat, the Soda Seal would cut back on wasted soda and that’s always a good thing. The device isn’t intended to be ...

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