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Spongebob Cake Has Geometrically Inaccurate Square Pants

How big of a Spongebob fan are you or members of your family? Enough that you’d dedicate an entire event to the square pants-donning sea creature? Luckily for you, Spongebob’s rectangular shape makes him easy to integrate as a birthday cake design. Everyone loves cake. I mean, come on, yummylicious OM NOM, right? We can only hope that making your ...

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WoW Shaman Cake: Does William Shatner Like Chocolate?

Back in November, Blizzard released a slew of celebrity World Of Warcraft commercials, one of which starred William Shatner as the nature grasping Shaman. Oh sure, we’ve seen our share of gamer themed cakes, but this super-chocolaty cake showcases the Shaman symbol from the popular MMO. I don’t think Star Trek ever had a sweets-themed episode, but Shatner’s slight belly ...

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