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I’m A Dancing Robot, No Time To Talk

Ever since that damn Transformers movie, car manufacturers just can’t get enough of displaying their new cars as dancing robots. Of course, it’s hard to forget Citroen’s line of commercials, which began in 2004 (prior to Michael Bay’s film) and since then has multiplied. The latest in Citroen’s line of cars-gone-robots is the C4. By C4, I don’t mean the ...

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First Ever Commodore 64 LAN Party

For a software platform that was discontinued 14 years ago, the Commodore 64’s legacy and fan base is still going strong. The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club’s held its 2008 C=4 Expo at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky from June 28-29. In celebration of the LAN party status at C=4, a new Commodore 64 game was unveiled, called NetRacer. ...

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