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French Guy Makes Facebook Business Cards

The very Frenchly-named Jean-Baptiste Gouraud designed these ingenious Freedombook Facebook business cards. The cards encourage the recipient to “Confirm” (or “Confirmer” if you want to sound pretentious) Gouraud as a business connection, or perhaps as a life partner, if that’s how you roll. The card holds hall of the pertinent information, including phone number and e-mail address. Let’s just hope ...

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Circuit Board Card Case

The holidays have come and gone but chances are, you still have a few gift cards sitting in your wallet. Speaking of your wallet, we’ve got to talk. It’s simply too ratty and dull for a person of your stature to use for carrying business cards in. Do you want creases and bends all over those beautiful new cards you ...

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Biz Card Web Server

The team over at Hackaday (my old stomping grounds) have whipped up an excellent and detailed HOW TO that shows how to make your own web server. Before you complain and state how easy it is to use your grandmother’s old HP and all that jazz, let me ask you this: Is your server the size of a business card? ...

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