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Bus Stop Seesaw Bench Encourages Cooperation

Martin Nicolausson must’ve been bored out of his mind when he came up with the idea of a seesaw bench for a bus stop. Or perhaps he was just tired of standing there all by himself with no one to talk to. His goal: to get strangers to converse in public spaces. It encourages cooperation, requiring two people to work ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/16/07

Finger Warming Keyboard [Amazon] – For ultra toastyness while you click away. People use IM to hook up then break up [Ars Technica] – Something tells me the majority of this survey was taken with the 14-17 age demographic. Wall-Mounted Shoe Dryer [Core77] – Something about hanging sopping wet shoes on a device plugged into a wall socket doesn’t ...

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