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Bubble Pitcher Set

I love the look of this Bubble Pitcher set. It comes with two glasses and a carafe. While it’s certainly beautiful and resembles a bong, the price is nothing to get excited about. $448 it’ll cost for you to own the set. That’s an iPhone. What do you think? Is tableware worth this much to you, especially with the economy ...

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Halloween Bubble Fogger

I used to have a sweet little fog machine until my roommate lost it. I may consider this Bubble Fogger as a suitable replacement. Instead of just belching out smoke onto your stage a la Spinal Tap, this little fucker burps up bubbles filled with fog that remain perfect spheres until popped. Once popped, the fog will flow into the ...

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Speak-er Says What You Won’t

Designer of the double-ended jar, Sherwood Forlee has come up with an artsy concept for a speaker. The “Speak-er” is a speech bubble speaker. Other than that, it really doesn’t have much going for it, aside from fitting in your comic-book themed room. Having two of these coming out of your monitor will make you feel like your monitor has ...

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