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Mario Kart: For Real

Meet Remi Gaillard. He’s a real Italian plumber (except he’s French). The kind that drives a go-kart in live traffic, throwing banana peels at those trying to pass him by in an attempt to thwart their course. Yes, this man is playing Mario Kart for real. A hilarious video that’s well made and fun to watch. Don’t miss out. Link ...

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Super Mario Bros. Wall Decals

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’re bound to fall in love with these wall decals from Bilk. Splat ’em on your wall and you’ll have a retro 8-bit Nintendo scene re-enacted right in front of you. You’ll find a Donkey Kong sticker pack in addition to both the original SMB and an “updated” SMB set. They all look ...

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