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SkyScout Personal Planetarium takes you to the stars

Planetariums bring back memories of elementary school field trips when we would reach the astrology lesson of the class. All 100 or so of us kids would pack into the old yellow school buses and be whisked off to an intergalactic trip to the stars. The SkyScout Personal Planetarium allows for us to take that trip again, right in the ...

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Ceiling Fan Duster keeps you safe on the ground

We usually have our ladies do all the cleaning for us, since we seem so incapable of doing so ourselves. Those damn people at Brookstone are trying to ruin all of our fun.   They had to go and create this Ceiling Fan Duster to make the job easier. It makes those high places a snap to dust when you ...

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The Simpsons Pinball Machine for your home arcade: Ready, Set, D’oh!

Although not the first of The Simpsons gear, it might be the coolest, and is certainly the most expensive. The Simpsons Pinball Machine brings the power of cartoon-themed arcade games into your home with all of the features of the original Simpsons pinball game. Along with a talking Homer head, Itchy and Scratchy targets, and the famous garage door, The ...

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