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MD5 Algorithm Hacked By Playstation 3 Cluster

No joke. The MD5 algorithm, which is used widespread around the web for encryption, has been broken. A group of researchers used a cluster of PS3s to create a forged certificate authority, essentially enabling them to break into SSL-encrypted sites. HTTPS? Gone. There is no security. Sure, most of us don’t have 200 Playstation 3s sitting at home but if ...

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Crap Console Equals Crap Repercussions

I warned you about the Wii. Some of you listened, most did not. Well, I hope all the Wii owners who couldn’t refrain from calling me a PS3/360 fanboy in the comments all crack their LCD screens while playing sub par games. I’ll be a fan of anything and I mean anything as long as it isn’t the Wii. Look ...

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Twitter Developer Cries That “Internet Is Broken”

The nerve of some people! Alex Payne, the lead API developer at Twitter, is claiming that the Internet is broken. He is then kind enough to point out its flaws and what he feels will happen because of the so-called “broken Internet.” I’ve got some words of advice for Alex: Fix your fucking APIs and your fucking service before you ...

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