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Mini Media Centre Case Design Of The 1950s

The 1950s saw the birth of many things we still detest to this day, like beatniks and Communist Cuba. While this Mini Media Centre designed by British design student Thomas Thomassen looks like the tail light of a ’57 Chevy. Except this thing was actually designed in 2006. It reminds me of the Happy Days, when my buddy Fonz would ...

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Full-flight Simulators For Rich Rookie Pilots

I know a lot of you out there are nuts about flying. It’s an expensive hobby, but someone’s got to do it. How else would I be able to get to Bangladesh? If you’re crazy about flying and I mean straight loony about it, then you won’t be afraid to learn how to fly all by yourself. Just kidding. No ...

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Same Old Pixel Couch?

Pixel-based furniture isn’t anything new and though this couch isn’t the coolest pixel art around, it does look interesting. Good luck finding wallpaper to match. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga and produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat, this pixel-based couch is said to be a total chick-magnet. One female glance towards the couch results in immediate action. You’ll be fucking fat chicks ...

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