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The Ultimate DS Meetup

It seems like you can make a Guinness World Record out of any feat these days. Last year, 381 Australian kids set the Guinness World Record for simultaneous Nintendo DS playing. I wonder if there’s a Guinness World Record for most people standing around in Times Square with a thumb in their ass. Tomorrow, members of a UK DS fan ...

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Warning: Choking Hazard Chair

I’m no stranger to furniture made from recyclables. After all, I write about it all the time and I just so happen to sit on my ass for the same duration. Upon seeing Ryan Frank’s design, pictured above, I immediately thought of how comfortable it would be to pass gas while sitting in it. Well, more comfortable than doing so ...

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Poppin’ LEGO Bottles

Designed by one Mariann Asanuma, this LEGO champagne bottle is exquisite and features great detail to the neck of the bottle. I have to say, I’m more fond of the brand of champagne she chose. Any bottle with a pirate flag on it is a bottle for good times. The bottle is also designed to “break” into five pieces, as ...

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