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Did You Know Google Had Their Own Online Store?

…because I sure as hell didn’t. Apparently Google has their own online marketplace, offering a crap load of Google-branded schwag (including slinkies!). Man, if I had known this my Christmas wishlist would have looked totally different. I totally need a Google outfit. Just a whole damn outfit decked out in Google logos. That’s what I need. Link [via]

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Branding on the Go with Portable Lighter Branding Iron

While I might not have my own ranch, with cattle in need of branding, I’m always on the look-out for ways to strengthen my brand. The portable 3D Branding Iron fits in your pocket just like a normal cigarette lighter, except it is custom made to include your brand’s logo or text. From the company’s site: “The branding iron clicks ...

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Brand Keyboard Types Your Way to Capitalism

The brands and logos of the major corporations have become just as recognizable to us as our own alphabet, thanks to modern commercial advertising. Each letter has its own major brand and corresponding logo. The Brand Keyboard by Ignacio Pilotto replaces the QWERTY keys with company logos, the company names beginning with the same letter as the intended key. Something ...

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BBQ Branding Iron: Personalize Your Meat

If only it were this easy. If only cattle ranchers could wait until the meat was properly seared before branding their name or symbol onto the animal’s hide. Luckily, as the resident BBQ chef of the house, there’s no need to hurt a weak and powerless animal. Just a dead and cooked one. The BBQ Branding Iron allows you to ...

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