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Spidercow: A Victim of Bovine Intervention

Spidercow has made its presence known wherever there is a need for bovine intervention. Specifically, Athens and London. Finally, a superhero dedicated to the cause of animals rights. PETA will be thrilled. Maybe they’ll slaughter a litter of puppies in celebration.

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Where’s The Beef?: Bizarre Cow PC Desktop Case Mod

This disembodied cow (sorry Muslim Hindu readers) has been stuffed with computer parts, making it one of the more bizarre case mods we have ever seen. Included is a mini ITX motherboard, 20GB hard drive, 256MB DIMM RAM, Combo Drive CD R/RW DVD and an integrated 200-watt PW120 power supply. Milk sold separately. Link

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Divine Bovine

Hubba hubba! Take a look at this assortment of sexy and seductive animals that are worth drooling over. Warning, these pictures are not safe for work and will surely give you a hard on. That is, if the other artsy animals I’ve posted haven’t already done that. No idea who made them, but I know where they came from and ...

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