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Bark4Beer Collar: They Don’t Call Them Man’s Best Friend For Nothing

Once called man’s best friend for their propensity to hunt our food and save our lives if we happened to fall into a raging river, dog’s have quite different responsibilities these days. For one, they only thing most dog’s hunt are crumbs and chew toys. And the only thing they save us from is sobriety. The Bark4Beer Collar allows you ...

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5 in 1 Opener

Whenever I go camping I have to make sure I have enough room for all of my various openers. A bottle cap opener for the beer, can opener for the beans, a bottle twister for the antacid. So you can imagine my extreme excitement (it involved jumping up and down, shouting and a changed pair of shorts. I love my ...

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Crack A Cold One Open With Your Tools

When you combine beer and tools, men just can’t help but get excited. That’s why this cheap $18 bottle opener set is the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband. Watch the look of joy on his face appear as he realizes you haven’t gotten him the standard Craftsman fare, but a powerful set of beer-crackers. So crack a cold ...

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Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener: Not For Use With Jolt Cola

Jim Beam me up, Scotty! Please excuse the horrible pun, but how many chances might I have to say that?� If you like mixing your Star Trek watching with a touch of the old nightcap, the Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener is the only proper way for a trekkie to pop open a brew. This silvery doodad is a great ...

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