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The Wonder of Bootleg DVDs: Battlestar Galactica Edition

Fans of Battlestar Galactica who don’t live in China have really been missing out. Apparently there is a whole different series featuring a “Saw-like” ending, while still maintaining its ability to be a “good-hearted tween comedy.” But frankly, I trust “Jom Monaghis of the Geiroit Free Press” over the San Francisco Chronicle (?) any day. Not to mention that this ...

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Piracy At Its Finest

I’m sure you can pick this up at every other subway stop in New York, but, ah, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tarzan? Nice. Real nice. Link

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Cops Bust Massive DVD Piracy Ring In Texas

Ever wonder where your bootleg movies come from? If you live near Texas chances are they might have been made at a house in Fort Worth where the police just shut down a huge DVD counterfeiting ring. After receiving a complaint from a neighbor who saw a lot of late night activity at the house, the cops searched the place ...

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Cataloging China’s Knock-Off Goods

China’s “black market” is notorious for their awful rip-offs of other products. Amoni Exchange anyone? Pinches Chinos is a website which is focused on cataloging every piece of China knock-offs they can get their hands on. From the stylish to the obscure, the results are hilarious. Whether they be specific attempts at ripping off another brand (such as the iFan ...

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