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Super Mario Bros. Characters Made Using Poker Chips

There’s not much you can do after you’ve lost all your money playing Texas Hold ‘Em. Can’t go out. Can’t order food in. You’re broke and left with a set of (I swear the damned things are cursed) poker chips. What’s a geek to do? Eureka! *light bulb switches on* An idea arises! You might be broke, you might be ...

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Get Into Bed With The Super Mario Bros.

Oooh baby. Let me see that mustache. Very nice. Here, crawl into bed with me. Mmm, that’s a sexy raccoon tail you have there. How’d you say you got that again? Something about a red leaf now? Nevermind. I want you to do the nasty in front of everyone, I just don’t care. Let Boo and the Goomba watch us. ...

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Skull Helmet: Protecting You From Death While Scaring Your Neighbors

Everyone knows that bike helmets are made to protect your head in case you were to take a fall off of your two-wheeled monster. This Skull Helmet takes the “skull” part literally, designed to look like an actual scary black skull. We hate when we hop for a ride on our bike and our neighbors dogs take chase after us, ...

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coo.boo: The spatula-shaped digital cookbook

We find so many great recipes for our woman to cook for us on the Internet, but there is no way to give them the recipe unless we want to print out the whole thing. What a waste of paper! The coo.boo is a spatula-shaped digital cookbook that automatically syncs through a wireless dock. The coo.boo is completely washable and ...

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