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World’s Fastest Pooper powered by jet engine

[ev type=”youtube” data=”2NozekqvIxI”][/ev] This thing sure can fly, but probably wouldn’t impress anyone on a date. The smell has got to be atrocious. Not to mention the heat. The World’s Fastest Port-a-Potty is capable of speeds upwards of 70 MPH with the help of a Boeing Jet engine. I guess it’s great for when you have to go really, really ...

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New life-saving robot: The iRobot SUGV Early

Robots have been so widely used in Afghanistan and Iraq that there have surely been thousands of lives saved by the mechanical wonder dogs. Boeing and iRobot have joined hands in tech harmony to create the SUVG Early, a next-gen reconnaissance robot capable of even more than previous models. The SUGV will be faster, lighter, and smarter than its older ...

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New autopilot feature might make another 9/11 impossible: Sensors on a Plane

Scientists at Boeing have developed a hijack-proof piloting system, designed to make it impossible to crash the plane into buildings or ground. The feature would be activated either by a simple switch, in close range, or through door sensors which could sense when the cockpit door was forcefully opened (which we think would lead to many false alarms). Once triggered, ...

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