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Spinning LEGOs Produce 3-D Blobs

Three-dimensional printing is tough. That is, if you don’t make one out of LEGOs. Gene Hacker posted his creation on Instructables: a 3-D printer made out of LEGO bricks. It’s still in its infancy of development but is more than capable of rendering 3-D blobs of frosting. Unlike regular Cartesian system printers, the one Gene built operates in polar coordinates, ...

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Space Invaders are closer than they appear (or so satellite images suggest)

Google Maps always turns up some interesting images. Whoever made this Space Invaders ode is our new personal hero, but has entirely too much time on their hands. On second thought, this image might of been taken by an airplane, as a commenter on Wonderland suggest, because of its higher resolution. From a satellite image it’s more likely that the ...

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