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Darth Vader Blinds Unveil the Dark Side

Natural lighting. Vader’s not a fan. Over at the Rebelscum Forum, TheMadman was selling these airbrushed mini-blinds for $75 or best offer. Whichever came first. The forum entry was from May, so the blinds have probably been long gone, but it’s unclear if they ever sold or not. So, what the hell, it’s worth a shot right? The blinds themselves ...

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Illuminating Solar Window Blinds Replace Lamps

I’m constantly in search of the strangest lamps and light sources for my bedroom. The solar vertical lamp is much different than your traditional lamp. For one thing, there’s no bulb or electricity powering it. It’s a light source integrated into your window’s vertical blinds that has solar panels on one side that power a LED floor/table lamp or a ...

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