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The Anatomy of Typography

“Letters are organisms and typefaces are the species, all classified similar to biological taxonomy.” Thus is the concept behind Andreas Scheiger’s Evolution of Type, an anatomical study of the alphabet. For the first time in medical and typographical history, fonts go under the knife for a full biological analysis. I’m very concerned whether these letters were volunteers or part of ...

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His and Hers Chromosome Bath Towels

Significant others are very often met in the workplace. It’s true. Second only to school, you’d have to believe that work is the top breeding ground. If you’re a biologist, and you meet that special someone in the laboratory, before you can do a little cell splicing of your own, it’s only proper to live together for a while and ...

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The Anatomy of a Mermaid and Other Cryptids

I’ve always sort of wondered how mermaid anatomy works. I figured it would be similar to human biology, just because of the resemblance of our upper bodies, but it’s nice to finally know the specifics, such as the location of the mermaid’s weird-lookin’ vag. I’m confident that this chart was designed by some of the finest marine biologists alive today. ...

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