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Binary Door Mat Welcomes All Geeks and Robots

If you often find yourself looking for that perfect way of welcoming the constant stream of robots you have coming and going from your home, the Binary Door Mat welcomes them in their very own native language. While many humans might not “get it,” hopefully some of your geekier buddies will understand. Who cares about the humans anyway? They’re not ...

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No Hot Chick Would Rock This Nail Polish

If and when you see a hottie wearing this binary nail polish, she might be one of two things: a keeper or a tranny. Either way, be on the look out as she’s probably using the nail polish to lure unsuspecting geeks back to her dorm where she’ll bang you then devour your soul like the succubus she truly is. ...

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Binary Watch Makes Telling Time A Hassle

You could be the biggest nerd ever and still have trouble telling someone the time with this watch. I mean just because you still play Doom doesn’t mean you can form sentences in binary code, right? Fine, I’ll admit it. I’ve been too lazy as of late to learn binary. That’s why you deserve this fine Binary Watch from a ...

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