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Steak-Scented Billboard: Beware, Vegetarian Commuters

It wasn’t so long ago that companies started integrating video into their billboards. Now, there’s a whole new sensory effect being used to peddle goods. The Bloom chain of grocery stores is using scent to sell their brand new line of meat. Between 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., lovingly known as rush hour, the ...

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Rock Band To Get Nearly 5000 Tracks This Year

According to Billboard, the ever-popular Rock Band is due to get “as many as 5000” new tracks this year via downloadable content. The report comes as I completed “…And Justice For All” on Expert at 100% last night. Harmonix has already released over 500 songs for the Rock Band series, putting it way above the number of tracks Guitar Hero: ...

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Another Act Of Wealth From Dubai

Dubai is a cool city and all, but have you ever gotten the feeling that it’s just flaunting its endless wealth? That’s because it is. Dubai is rich, filthy rich and they aren’t afraid of letting the world know it by dropping billions of dollars on over-elaborate fountains and animated skyscrapers. Now, Dubai is “WOWing” the world once again by ...

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BMW Takes To The Walls With Spiderman-like Agility

� Russia has been known to take their gadget advertising to the extreme, featuring everything from the gigantic to the dangerous. BMW has launched a new billboard in Moscow to showcase their M model which falls under both of these categories. These new 65,000 square foot billboards feature full-sized vehicles mounted on the ad, complete with working lights. This makes ...

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PS3 living large in Russia

This PS3 ad seen in Russia proves Sony’s drive to improve world wide sales. This thing is huge. The billboard displays a straight message. It reads, translated from Russian “Playstation 3: The gaming spaces of Russia”. For such a vast country, we guess you need a vast ad campaign. And Sony seems to be pulling out all the stops.

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