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Aquaduct Tones Your Legs And Provides Safe Water

Designed for countries where collecting water entails a long trip to the nearest water source, which might not even be safe drinkable water. Aquaduct provides a bicycle for transportation from water source to home, while also providing water filtration simultaneously. Aquaduct provides a water tank over the rear axle of the bike’s wheels. As you pedal, water gets pumped through ...

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A Bike Stand That Pumps You Up

How about a little product integration to light up your day? Spotted over in the drug-lovin’ Netherlands, this stainless steel bike stand integrates an air pump right into the mix, hopefully causing some interaction between neighbors as they pump up the wheels to their hot rods. Eight of these bad boys will be installed around Ypenburg, a newly built town. ...

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Test: A bike ride with the PSP GPS

While we’re still waiting for the PSP GPS module to be released in North America, we can take a look at what  it can do in Japan. The guys at NikkeiBP have taken the PSP GPS module for a spin this weekend, this time they’ve used  the MaPlus Portable Navi software. Data stored in the 1.8GB UMD is enough for ...

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Yamaha’s hybrid electric bike saves you when you need it the most

We have seen hybrid cars for a while, now we have hybrid bikes. These new Yamaha bikes can store up energy in a Lithium battery when you are cycling, and helps you by releasing power when you are going upslope. This is all done by sophisticated sensors, and by not helping you at all when it detects that you are ...

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Duck Image USB drive protects your bike

It’s a daily occurrence at colleges and universities around the nation, and this USB drive might help solve the problem. This problem is of course, bike robbery. While those who have their bike seat stolen are out of luck, a new USB drive made by Duck Image has a built-in bike lock. Time to get metaphorical. Get how your USB ...

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