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BenQ Mobile assets on eBay!

German bankruptcy administrators issued a statement today saying that they have given up finding buyers for the failed BenQ Mobile company in Germany, so what’s going to happen is that the company furnitures, pot plants and computers will go on eBay. Yes you heard that right, it’s eBay literally. Some of the assets will also be sold on the Insolvency’s ...

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New quiter Xbox 360 DVD drive doesn’t sound like jet engine

While we are all waiting for the new, upgraded Xbox 360s to make their way into the market (speculation, but still fun to think about), Microsoft has quietly begun to ship a new DVD drive with the Xbox 360. This new drive is the BenQ VAD6038 drive and it’s main function is to be quiet. With the sound of the ...

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BenQ FP785+ LCD monitors add some culture

Monitor’s have never been known as the prettiest gadget on the planet, but BenQ is waking up to the fact that some people want some style in their screen. Some of the FP785+’s are being produced with prints by the Eastern artist Giuseppe Castiglione, which sounds like an Italian name to us, definitely not East-Asian. Italian or not, the prints ...

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BenQ MusiQ player: for midget sized geeks

Don’t let the disguise fool you! These dog tag shaped pieces of metal are more then just for decoration around your local gangsta’s neck. The BenQ MusiQ takes the idea of the shuffle portable media, and makes it a fashion statement (or a nice prank to play on your military unit. “Man down! What’s the officer’s name? BenQ MusiQ? Hey….What ...

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