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Weight-Loss Belt For Fatties

Are you an overwhelming fat ass that just can’t shred those pounds because going to the gym is another chore on your list of things you won’t do?� Well, your prayers have been answered! The Vibro Shape slimming belt is said to rid you of your beer-belly in favor of some sexy washboard abs. The belt can also be used ...

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A Belt That Shares Your Weight With The World

Rather than measuring by inches, this belt is designed to guesstimate your weight. The larger your waist, the higher the weight will show as with the Weight Belt. Using this belt in conjunction with the ego-crushing phone could solve your over-confidence issues in a snap. The problem with this is if you have a really large ass, or have your ...

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IDE Cable Belt is so geeky, no one will get the hint

The IDE Cable belt is almost BEYOND geeky. It’s to the point where if someone notices your belt, they’ll probably think its either made of duct tape or some other cheap material. But “IDE cable” will probably be one of their last guesses, if one were to guess at all. If getting noticed isn’t important to you and you just ...

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