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4 Incredibly Gorgeous “Plus Sized” Women

plus size woman

Over the years the definition of cultural beauty has shifted, re-shifted and then...well, shifted again. Regardless of your preferences on beauty however, and despite what society tells us is "beautiful," we can appreciate a beautiful woman when we see one.

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What Does It Take to be a Supermodel?


Despite repeated campaigns to urge young women to see their own beauty rather than live up to the "beauty ideals" portrayed by the media, many girls still starve themselves, spend hours painting on makeup and feel miserable. Today we are taking a look at modern beauty ideals and showing you exactly what it takes to be a supermodel in hopes that you'll see...ain't nobody got time for dat!

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Face Analysis Site Gives You a Complex

Have you ever wondered how you stack up? Just how beautiful are you, based on your face’s symmatry? Anaface lets you mark the features of your face with magical dots of measurement. The service than gives you a run down on your imperfections. I scored an 8.82. Clearly this site knows what it’s talking about. Link [via]

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Mac Pattern Madness

These are some of the most intricate designs to ever to get etched into a laptop’s casing. Gordon Cohen recently had his Macs upgraded with images of “composed corporate animals”, which I’m guessing is a shot at the man or something like that. Engraved by Device Nine Six, those looking for a similar design for their laptop and living in ...

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Align Nipple For Correct CPR

Some people panic in the moment of life-threatening scenarios, such as the man sitting next to you in a diner going into cardiac arrest.� Designer Ryan Helps has designed a �CPR-PAD� to assist those too incompetent and uncoordinated to give correct CPR. When in use, the monitor on the pad shows the correct way to push the chest and it ...

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Let those beads speak of the doom of UV light

It’s a common saying in Japan that UV light is the biggest enemy to women because it makes them age faster. So a lot of beauty products have been abusing this concept to target its consumers. Instead of trying to reverse the damage, wouldn’t it be great to have something handy to warn you just before those freckles come out? ...

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Clarins protects your skin from WiFi, Bluetooth, Radar, Cellphone radiation and air pollution

French cosmetic conglomerate Clarins has recently introduced a new patented beauty product dubbed Expertise 3P. Supposedly this solution will protect your skin from aging due to Electromagnetic waves as well as air-pollution. The secret lies in the active ingredients Thermus Thermophillus and Rhodiola Rosea which are extracted from plants. We have no idea if this thing really works, neither do ...

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