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Wireless mouse works battery free

My wireless mouse dies about once a month. And God forbid I use the built in touch pad! This Battery Free Wireless Mouse needs no batteries at all. The mouse is powered by an electrical field emitted from the mouse pad, powered from the USB port. The high quality optical mouse never needs to have batteries replaced since their simply ...

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Thanko USB Wiimote Charger

Thanko Japan’s USB Wiimote Charger is something many gamers have been waiting for. Having to go out to the store to buy new batteries twice a week just isn’t cutting it for us Wii players. The USB Charger comes with a cradle, a special Nickel battery, and a battery cover compatible with the charger. The charger works on any USB ...

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Energizer Energi To Go saves the day for travellers

Now here is a very usefull product from Energizer that nearly every traveller can use. The Energizer Energi To Go allows anyone to take two AA batteries, place then in the Energi To Go, and charge their cellphones or other devices with those AAs. With the problems that are to be had with cellphone batteries dying at unexpected times or ...

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