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Lamborghini Ankonian Concept: Child of the Batmobile

Innovation meets beauty with the creation of the Lamborghini Ankonian Concept. Not your grandpapi’s Lambo, this bad boy appears to be created using reptilian metallic scales. Built like some sort of dinosaur/shielded Batmobile hybrid, the Arkonian is pretty much an orgasm in car form.

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The New Batmobile

The recession has hit Batman pretty hard. In fact, he can’t even afford gas for his old Batmobile anymore. He’s replacing unleaded with peanuts. They might want to attach a fricken’ laser beam to his head. It’d be nice to have a weapon other than trample, you know, just in case we happen to be chasing down a criminal overlord. ...

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Sell That Google Stock: Batmobile For Sale on Ebay

Stop the fucking presses and grab your dick and hold on, ’cause you’re in for a ride my main man. Turns out some dude is auctioning off a real Batmobile from the original Tim Burton flick on eBay. With gas the way it is nowadays, I can’t blame him for selling the car but wow, what a beauty! It’s almost ...

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