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Bat Cape Added To Gadget List

Let’s face it: Bruce Wayne is one cool dude. With all these gadgets turning him into a super hero, it’s hard to step up. Now, for less than thirty dollars, you can equip yourself with this bad ass Batman cape that, with one touch, can rapidly deploy a 5′ wingspan. For the love of god, do not try to jump ...

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Batman Watch Adds Spice But Isn’t Wearable

If you’re truly a Batman aficionado, at one point in your life, you’ve wanted a stylish watch just like Batman. A watch capable of calling the Batmobile at a moments notice or to request that Alfred prepare a hot cup of Earl Grey before the return home from an all night crime-fighting escapade. However, this Batman watch is a salt ...

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5 Easily Obtainable Gadgets Will Make You A Superhero

Wired.com has compiled a list of easily obtainable gadgets that’ll have you wearing tights quicker than Billy Elliot. If you’ve got cash like Tony Stark, chances are you were born to be a super hero. Super-natural powers are overrated. Batman kicks the piss out of everyone, so all you need are the right gadgets. A grappling hook, jet pack, X-ray ...

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