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Stuck Goldfish Bath Plug

This is what I imagine would happen if your Goldfish died from obesity and got stuck as you tried to flush it town the shower drain. Stuck like Winnie the Pooh’s fat ass in his window. Stuck like my junk in a beer bottle. Don’t ask, please. And please, let me just assure you, this appears to be much more ...

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CleanKey Keyboard is Completely Submersible

Some people have weird needs. Don’t ask me why you would possibly need to type while completely submerged. I don’t think typing an essay will be at the top of your priority list if you’re either a.) swimming or b.) being flooded out of your home. But hey, to each his own. If for some odd reason that you want ...

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Water Flutes: Your Child Is A Dirty Prodigy

The next time your child complains about taking a bath, shove some candy and Water Flutes in their face and they’ll love you forever. For real this time. Water Flutes are just what they sound like. You fill the plastic tubes up with water whilst in the bathtub. Then, you read the included sheet music and learn how to play ...

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Chinese Cell Phone Can Take A Swim, Fall From Tall Buildings

Fujitsu was once known for bathing cell phones as well as dirty Asian model girls, but a new Chinese phone, the CK800, can do so much more. Not only can this bad boy take a bath to wipe clean your bad breath residue, but it can take a fall like a professional wrestler. The CK800 is water and shock resistant, ...

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