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Talking Buck Uncomfortably Harasses Female Guests

Do you really need another reason for the ladies to be creeped-out by your house? Your weird collection of Kamasutra Robots and your robotic lovechild are enough to scare even the spiniest of family members away. The addition of a sexually-harassing inter-species flirting Talking Deer doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much help of a help to your social ...

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Craft Your Own Bass Guitar Pickup

Bass guitar is a wonderful thing. I’ve been playing since I was about 8-years-old and truly love it. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to own a bass guitar though, so if you’ve got $5.00, a toolkit, a shoebox and a piece of wood, you’re set for a weekend of jamming out. According to this Instructables article, you ...

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