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Robot Bartender Flexes ‘Cause You’re Drinkin’!

Sooner or later, the cute bartender that was the only reason you ever went out to the bar in the first place, will be replaced. Robot bartenders are the future. No more half-filled plastic cups of Red Bull and vodka that only lead you to getting thrown out after an argument with the bartender regarding a drink that wasn’t made ...

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The Tin Can That Shoots Fire!

The big buzz this week at the Roboexotica event in San Francisco are robots that mix drinks. Specifically, a robot dubbed “Chapek” is capable of making a small variety of mixed drinks: gin and orange juice (laid back), a gin martini, a vodka martini and a screwdriver. Hilarity ensued during a press run when Chapek spills a screwdriver all over ...

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Shaken and Stirred: Peggy Mixes Drinks With Ease

Peggy is a concept which allows for easier nights of alcoholic drink mixing. Equally equipped to both open up liquor bottles and measure out the amount of a certain liquor you put in your drink, Peggy is sort of an all-in-one bartender gadget. With New Years Eve coming up and Christmas Day just hours away, we see some serious drinking ...

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