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Leather Bandages: Normal Band Aids Just Aren’t Metal Enough

These bandages take a page right from the book of Stryper, the most metal of metalest bands ever. Battle wounds are part of the metal world. When you have fans throwing broken beer bottles at the stage, it’s sort of difficult not to get a boo-boo every once in a while. But what’s a metal guitarist to do? A simple ...

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Duct Tape Bandages

I don’t know if this is the work of a clever Photoshopper or if 3M really lost its fucking marbles. They’re bandages that use duct tape and are more durable and longer than your standard Band-Aid style. It probably hurts like a bitch ripping one of these off, so make sure you don’t shave your nuts anytime soon. Wouldn’t want ...

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Momergency Kit: Something she could really use for Mother’s Day

I know, it’s a little late to be telling you now, but hey, you should get your mother the Momergency Kit for Mother’s Day. It comes with tools for Mom to help keep her sane, and to keep kids busy. Here’s a selection of what it includes followed by a brief explanation on what we think they could be used ...

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