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Super Sick SEGA Sonic Shirt

Holy cow, Tails! That’s more alliteration than a hooker in Amsterdam! Peep this fucking sweet Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt. It’s Sonic and he’s squeezed into a box tighter than a Thai hooker. No, but really, it’s a promo t-shirt being handed out in Japan to promote the upcoming title Sonic Chronicles. Yeah, people got this shirt FOR FREE. Way jealous. ...

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Ancient Vampire Killing Kit Sells Big

This is some cool shit right here. A real vampire-killing kit from the 1800s has sold at auction for $15,000. It includes all the good stuff, including a Bible, holy water, cross, silver bullets, gun, candles, knives, garlic and of course, wooden stakes. Some call it a waste of money. I call it being prepared. Richter Belmont would approve, I’m ...

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Chuck Norris Papercraft Kicks Ass But Has No More Paper To Take Names

Chuck Norris is a man’s man. I’ve got no idea why, considering most of the movies he’s in suck major ass but he’s good with karate and supports the troops. That’s gotta count for something. As homage to one of the greatest living Internet memes in existence and the Scott McCoy, DeviantArt user Billybob884 has been cutting and pasting like ...

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Lizard Pen Won’t Eat Crickets

Gearfuse reader Simon sent us a link to the “Unique Lizard Ball-Point Pen Hand-Painted Animal Ball Pen Yellow.” Long name aside, we like it. It’s a standard pen, housed inside an incredibly awesome orange lizard. At 9″ long, you can have your girlfriend compare it to your manhood for the sake of shits and giggles. Better get one fast, though. ...

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Fire breathing Jumping Spider Robot does nothing but intimidate

OK, this fire-breathing jumping robot may not be the most productive of the bunch or have any true purpose, but damn it is cool looking. The spider features legs that can be controlled independently of each other with an airbag on its bottom which allows it to jump two feet in the air. If you’re looking for functionality, look somewhere ...

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