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Google Has Secretely Developed a Self-Driving Car

Is Google setting its sights on alternative green transportation? It would seem odd that a search company would be in the headlines as a cutting-edge developer of automobiles, but apparently, Google still has a few secrets up their wizard sleeves. Google has secretly been developing a self-driven, autonomous car which actually does what it’s supposed to do. Google has accumulated ...

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Robocar Z Could Lead to Autonomous Vehicles

Japanese robotics company ZMP have created the Robocar Z in hopes that it can teach us more about the future of robot-controlled automobiles. The vehicle has a protruding which holds two cameras which connect to a state of the art image recognition system. The Robocar is thought to be an ideal platform for testing robotized vehicle automation before heading to ...

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Robocut: Your Very Own Robotic Lawn Care

No one likes doing yard work. It’s tedious and leaves those awful grass stains on your clothes. So, why not build a robot that enjoys cutting the grass as much as you enjoy building robots? Robotshop.se is providing all the essentials needed to build your very own autonomous mowing robot.� A complete lawnbot kit comes with everything you need for ...

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