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Baby’s First Car Logo: An Automotive Infancy

Car companies thrive by using a powerful logo to represent the brute force behind their vehicles. Ferrari uses a wild bucking horse. Jaguar uses a huge and powerful raging cat in mid-leap. Lamborghini uses the image of a charging bull. It’s all about the image of pure animalistic power! Now, imagine if these companies were all of a sudden focused ...

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Exhaust Air Jack Is An Accident Waiting To Happen

If you don’t know how to use a traditional jack, you can be putting yourself in a pretty shitty situation when you get a flat tire. Using the jack wrong could leave you with a scratched paint job and even a damaged axle. The Exhaust Air Jack takes away from the metal-on-metal damage factor, yet adds in a whole new ...

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Lego Camaro Is Greased Lightnin’!

Fans of the Camaro are among the most hardcore enthusiasts, as can can be seen by this Floridian Lego modeler. Crafting a Camaro using nothing but Legos. It sure would have been a chick magnet back in the late 70s. To make sure the Camaro adopted all of the curves of a modern automobile, the designer seems to use some ...

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VoomPC-2 brings a fully functional PC into your dashboard

What’s not to love about super small form factor computers? The VoomPC-2 delivers the price that many other small form factor PCs havn’t been able to do yet. Unfortunately, it has to skimp on the features to do so. Luckly, they aren’t trying to sell this product for home media center usage. Their target market is the mid/high end car ...

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